Meet the Team

Founding Team

Brandon Ward, Megan Smoot and T.J. Smoot (pictured l-r) founded the non-profit organization, Jah Works, Inc., in 2016, after developing partnerships with the people of Bluefields, Jamaica, since 2003. They have each led multiple service-oriented teams of travelers to the Bluefields area, and are excited to participate in the community’s sustainable growth efforts.

They continue to work closely with development partners to understand the community’s true needs, and coordinate sustainable tourism groups, service projects and fundraising to assist in meeting those needs. Eventually, they seek to expand the concepts of local community tourism, paired with service-learning opportunities, back into their hometown within the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.

Community Development Partners


Wolde Kristos is a founding member of the Bluefields Bay Friendly Fisherman’s Society and the Bluefields People’s Community Association, both located in the heart of Bluefields, on the southern coast of Jamaica. These organizations are focused on the sustainable growth of the community, with goals to provide opportunities for education, jobs, and food for all who live there. Jah Works partners with Wolde and his team to bring in “tourism with a light footprint” to grow the hospitality industry there, and also to take on service projects that help meet the community’s top needs.

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