Where Do Your Donations Go?

Ever wonder where your dollar ends up when you donate to a nonprofit organization? When you give through Jah Works, your dollar will benefit many by providing better access to clean water, healthy food, relevant education and/or equitable jobs. Read on to learn more about how donations are used…

Pitch in to Fund the Farm and Feed the People

Our friends at the Bluefields Organic Fruit Farm and Tours launched a unique sponsorship program to provide healthy food to senior citizens, single mothers, and the physically challenged in the Bluefields area.

Jah Works will MATCH YOUR DONATIONS, up to $100/month in October, November and December 2020 you can double your impact and provide healthy food to those who need it most!

Click to learn more…

Partnerships in a Sustainable Community

We all have individual skills and talents that can be honed and crafted to become “expert” in our fields. But, we should also remember that none of us can do everything on our own. Learn more about how we lean on our partnerships to continue this important work.