Your donation makes a positive, sustainable impact in a person’s life. Check out how past donations have been put to work.

Online Giving Tips:

  • Pick a Program: Select which program you would like to support, but if you don’t have a preference, we’ll put it where it’s needed most. Select your preference from the optional drop down when checking out.
  • Become a Sustainer: Consider splitting your total donation amount into twelve monthly payments. This makes it easier for us to plan and budget for future projects, and can be easier on your wallet too. Select “make this a monthly donation” when checking out.
  • Fund the Fees: Consider including a “little extra”, to help us cover online payment fees of around 3%.

Rather send a check?
Mail to: Jah Works, Inc., 2941 Battleground Ave., #38661, Greensboro, NC  27438, USA

Ordering from Amazon?
When you select Jah Works, Inc. as your charity of choice using the AmazonSmile program, a portion of your purchase is donated back to us. You can set this up to use on both desktop and the mobile app!


Have a bit of wanderlust? Whether you are a solo traveler or want to create a memorable experience for your small group, you’ll experience the culture of rural Jamaica AND provide jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector as part of our Sustainable Traveler program. You can add the option to participate in a service project, or simply relax and explore the area with local guides (or a bit of both!). Each trip is bespoke to you/your group’s travel goals and budget.

Looking for more? On occasion, we collect new school supplies, solar/hand crank lights, non-expired medical supplies (i.e. band-aids, gauze, aspirin), new or gently used summer clothing or shoes and new mother/baby supplies to donate to schools, women’s clinics and other organizations doing good within our destination communities. Contact us to arrange a donation of basic goods.

Please consult with your tax advisor for specific information on claiming charitable giving tax deductions.

9 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Can donations be made to Jah Works, and a notification forwarded to say a family stating it was given in honor of, or in memory of someone? And, maybe a leaflet that explains your non-profit mission?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rhonda, that’s an excellent idea!

      We’d be glad to notify someone that you’ve made a gift in their honor, or in memory of their loved one. Donations can be made through PayPal via the link above, and once you’ve made the donation, simply shoot us an email at, with your donation amount, the name of the person you are honoring or memorializing, and the address you’d like us to use for the notification.

      Thanks for thinking of and supporting Jah Works!


  2. Hi, I’m an experienced architect and when I was traveling in Jamaica in 2014 I came across a house project that was pretty challenging- it was a very steep hill and they actually benefited from my help- they were stuck. I spent over a year working on the project, it was a very successful experience all around. If there’s a fit, I mean a project that is difficult/complex (locals can figure the regular stuff out) I’m interested in helping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David, thank you for reaching out! What an awesome story! We’d love to chat further with you – feel free to shoot us an email at “JahWorksExperience at gmail dot com”. Looking forward to connecting with you and thank you so much! ~ Megan Smoot, CoFounder


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