Program: Clean Water

In rural Bluefields, Jamaica, people often carry the water (five gallons = 40 lbs!) they use from a local source hundreds of feet or more from their home. These water sources can be contaminated from agricultural land runoff, sometimes creating sickness in those who drink it.

To solve for this, we’ve partnered with the Bluefields People’s Community Association, to give the gift of clean water to the people with the most need, by installing filtered rainwater catchment systems at their homes.

This year, we’re building fifty systems for fifty families.

Only $750 USD builds a filtered, mosquito-proof, rainwater catchment system with a 650-gallon storage tank for one family, plus provides fair pay for those who we hire to install it. When you partner with us to give the gift of clean water, your dollar’s impact is doubled, by providing both CLEAN WATER and EQUITABLE JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Click here to donate today and give the gift of clean water!