Program: Clean Water

In rural Bluefields, Jamaica, people often carry water from a local source hundreds of feet to reach their home. These water sources can be contaminated from agricultural runoff and other pollutants, which can cause sickness in those who drink it. Gathering water also takes time and energy away from other tasks, such as homework, cooking, or otherwise, and just five gallons of water weighs 40 pounds!

Our Clean Water program helps those who need it most to have better access to clean water by bringing 650 gallons of filtered, mosquito-proof, water to their doorsteps. The most effective way to collect water is from the rain, and we install rainwater catchment systems, complete with three or more types of filters, onto the home of the family in need. Once it rains, they have water!

Just $1 provides a family in need with 1 gallon of clean water, for life. Plus, those who live in the community are paid better-than-average wages to install them, doubling the impact of this program.

become a part of this important work by donating $1 PER gallon of clean water you wish to giFT to someone in need.

Clean Water Program Stats: 2013-2019

  • Residential 650-Gallon Rainwater Catchment Systems: 33 installed since 2013
    • Direct Beneficiaries: 59 adults, 106 children
    • Total Collection Capacity: 24,150 gallons
  • Other Projects:
    • Bluefields Basic School System: 2,500-gallon system installed in 2014 as a partnership between Jah Works and multiple organizations. Upfit in 2019 to include 200 gallons of potable water with the use of solar powered UV filtration devices, in partnership with RainHarvest Systems.
    • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Prototype: indoor bathroom (shower, sink, toilet), septic system, and rainwater-catchment system combination, with solar-powered pump, installed for a senior citizen.

tour Clean water projects:

Roof Replacement, Room Addition and a Rainwater Catchment System

This project benefited a single father who had recently moved to the area with his five children, to escape violence in other parts of the island. When we arrived onsite, immediately we saw the need to replace and repair a good portion of the roof, so that water could actually be caught from it…

Interior of the Bluefields Basic School

Bluefields Basic School

The Bluefields Basic School provides early education to the youngest community members, and is moving towards being self-sustainable with the addition of rainwater catchment, solar power, and more.

Mt. Airy Septic and Indoor Bathroom

After 85 years of living in the same place, the elderly homeowner finally has an indoor bathroom, complete with a toilet, shower and sink. Prior to this new construction, she used a pit toilet outhouse, which was also utilized by many in the community.

Eight Rainwater Catchment Systems

When you aren’t beach-side with a cool, tropical drink in your hand in Jamaica, it can be unbearably hot. Read on about how the Project Re3 team stepped up to the challenge to ensure that eight families had access to clean water…

Rainwater Catchment System – Aug ’20

This project benefited a single woman, along with her daughter and grandchild who were also living in the home.

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