Roof Replacement, Room Addition and a Rainwater Catchment System

Blue Hole Road, Belmont, Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jamaica

This project benefited a single father who had recently moved to the area with his five children, to escape violence in other parts of the island. When we arrived onsite, immediately we saw the need to replace and repair a good portion of the roof, so that water could actually be caught from it. The condition of the roof was that there were holes in it that we could see clear through up to the sky. Besides catching water, the need to not have water pouring into this home when it rained was clear.

Secondly, this family of six needed a little extra space, and so we enclosed an existing room in the home by building the flooring and ensuring it was sturdy and able to be used. Lastly, we installed a 650 gallon rainwater catchment system once all the other roof repairs were in place.

During this build, we learned that a few of the older children would have to trade off whether or not they would go to school, due to a lack of funds. We didn’t expect to have any funds available after all the repairs, but amazingly, we had enough to financially help the children attend school for the coming year.

To find out how you can partner with us to complete more projects we have on the horizon, check out how you can Give Back.

More project photos coming soon!

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