Reflections for Twenty-Eleven

GoatsYou know a place has a tug on your heart whenever you measure time by the events that happen when you were or were not at that location. The first time we visited Jamaica, the war in Iraq had just begun. President George W. Bush had met with his advisers on March 19, 2003 and shortly thereafter sent over 100,000 into Iraq to take Baghdad and end the Saddam Hussein regime. We married ten days later, and the next day left Charlotte, North Carolina amidst the snow flurries for Bluefields, Jamaica. Arriving in paradise was like an escape from all the world in the United States had been since September 11th, 2001. We found ourselves housed on the southern shores of the island with no television and power that came and went with the blowing of the wind. Literally, the wind blew, lights went out, and we’d fire up an oil lamp as respite from the storm. So, granted it’s not hard to fall in love with a place like this, yet all we knew when flying home with a view of Montego Bay from the window, past the wing, was that we’d be back. ~Megan S.

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