Jamaica Bound…through Many Blessings

Jamaica – Out of Many, One People

On August 11, the Building Jamaica team will depart North Carolina and head to Belmont Fishing Village and surrounding area to become a part of that community for a week. We’ll be working with Mearnsville Methodist Church to host a Vacation Bible School, and also be able to serve those in need through construction projects, a community meal and whatever else God reveals to us while on the ground. Jamaica’s motto is above – Out of Many, One People – which reminds us of Christ in that out of many differences among the human race, we are all part of one big family in Him and through His grace.

Remembered Blessings and Moments of Faith from Travellers

“I feel blessed and know God had a hand in our “Pinto Night.” Even though the date was the same as graduation we had a great turnout and made a profit. There were a lot of prayers and we were blessed to have gotten Shield of Salvation to play for us that night and on such a short notice. The golf tournament turnout was also a blessing. I believe God has planned a major blessing in each thing we have accomplished and have yet to do.”

“It seems like at a lot of events we didn’t do as well as we had hoped, but still somehow all of us are going to Jamaica. I feel we are being rewarded for all of our hard work and determination. God knows that we have a task to do, and he is making sure that we get that opportunity.”

“Our spouses, significant others, friends and families have given up some or most of their time usually spent with us while we worked many long hours to make this happen. They are our closest support team and a huge blessing.”

“The day we spent in Jennifer and Jody’s basement making birdhouses was a blessing, as it was the starting point of when we started to work, laugh and learn together as a team. Since then, we’ve become much stronger together in Christ through our many get-togethers, planning meetings, fundraisers, group prayers and other events.”

“I found each event had its own blessing. At the Santa photos, children were happy or scared of Santa but it was cute. Having a great Santa was a true blessing. The first bake sale was in December and it was freezing cold but we had a heater and something hot to drink. The second bake sale we had in July, but there was a cool breeze blowing every once in a while. We loved the fellowship with all the people when we helped with Italian Night. At the golf tournament, we were able to have fellowship with each other while we waited for the golfers. At the Cruise-In, we were able to still pull it off, even when we are all tired of fundraising. God has provided for each event. I learn a little more about being humble and I am looking forward to what God will provide for us in Jamaica.”

“Our children are always a blessing, especially all the kids in our Vacation Bible School that collected school supplies and made friendship bracelets for the Jamaican kids.

“I knew I belonged on this particular trip when the first team was standing in front of Morris Chapel sharing their experiences with the church. I was new to Morris Chapel, but somehow I knew that I would be going along on the next mission trip. I told my husband that day, ‘I’ll be going with them the next time they go.’ When I attended my first meeting and learned about the financial contributions I was very worried. Financing would be the only thing to prevent me from going along. Megan and TJ encouraged me not to let that stop me, so I committed whole-heartedly. The first couple of commitment dates rolled around and miraculously my totals were always met through fundraising and donation letters. The totals were always met a little early so I never had to even worry about it. But that wasn’t the case as the last few deadlines approached. The worry set in. Then, last week I knew my final commitment total going into our last fundraiser and I knew that it was due the day after the event. Stressed doesn’t really define my feelings because I had no idea where I would get my balance from if we didn’t raise it. We didn’t reach our goal that night and as soon as I learned that, the worry started to creep back in. That is when I got an email from Megan saying someone had anonymously taken care of my balance. I’m still speechless about how this makes me feel. I’m just overwhelmed! And grateful! Not only did one person answer God’s call to make sure I was taken care of, but others did as well. It’s awesome so see and feel God at work! I’m anxious to see what God-experiences I have while on our mission trip. I know we are going to have some!”

“A blessing I remember is the guy that hand made and gave us two huge bags of metal pocket crosses. So many in fact, that we were able to split the blessing with two other mission teams traveling to Guyana and Guatemala!”

“In December, Sharon asked me to go with the Jamaica team.  She said the trip would be in June or July.  I was very excited, but knew my work schedule could end my ‘plans’ quickly.  When I got back to work on Monday the schedule didn’t look too promising for July and only 2 weeks were available in June.  Slightly discouraged, I expressed my concerns to my husband.  Him being so much calmer than me said, ‘If it’s meant to be, then God will work it out.  Just pray.’  So I did, and God has been providing for this trip since then.  The date was set for August when I had already requested my vacation.  I was supposed to take my oldest daughter back to school that week.  So next came the task of talking to her.  Again, God paved the way.  She said, ‘Mom, this is a once in a lifetime chance.  I have many more semesters of school left’.  God has sent me many more blessings since then through financial support from my friends, family, church, and church association.  I also have people all over the United States praying for me and our trip. But I think the biggest blessing I have received is my renewed love of sharing God and spreading His Word.  Not just to the people of Jamaica I have yet to meet, but to everyone I interact with on a daily basis.”

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU (or “BIG UP” as they say in Jamaica!) to all of Morris Chapel, our families, and blog readers for your prayers and being there to see us through every step of the way! We are so blessed to have families and friends that are supportive of international missions. There are not words enough for all the kind souls along the way that have contributed to our journey in one way or another. YOU are a part of this! One love and many blessings!

~T.J., Megan and the rest of Team Jamaica 2012

PS – Be sure to follow this blog, as we plan to post daily while in Bluefields!

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