First Reflections…

We thought it would be kind of fun to share some of the things we learned while in Jamaica. Here’s a brief compilation ~ Enjoy 🙂

Take the “one love” saying to heart. When you have less food, clothes, tools, etc. it is easier to share. It’s like we are one big family and should truly support each other. Love and Respect one another. We are all family! Slow down and enjoy the here & now and God’s beauty that surrounds us every day, no matter where you are. I learned that star gazing in NC pales in comparison to star gazing in Jamaica. They are spectacular there!! Don’t be in hurry. Take it easy. I love hearing the music everywhere! They put their hearts into it and I really admire that. Learn to adjust what ever come your way. PATIENCE (slow down, smell the roses, sing more!) Take it one day at a time, and totally enjoy yourselves. People are so nice there, and are willing to help. Even “machete-man” seemed to be a nice person!!

The local cuisine is delicious. Jerk is amazing. Beware the lionfish – their spikes are venomous, but they sure are tasty! Put on your plate only as much as your are going to eat, nothing goes to waste. A cheese patty is really a beef and cheese patty and you can buy these at the local hardware store in Belmont. And, Webster Brothers Hardware (our local NC family owned hardware store) could sell patties and cocobread and make a fortune. Our resident vegetarian learned that she loves lionfish and tofu (when prepared Veda-style) but doesn’t care for goat.

Lisa, Michele and Sharon with our “early arrivers” on the last day of VBS 2012.

Kids are the same there as here. They want love and attention. Jamaican children need a Bible for school and notebooks for church. A Bible is on their school book list and they bring notebooks to church to take notes. I like it that they need Bibles for school. I wish our schools did.

Potholes are a way of life – you either dodge them, jump them, or go right over them, but either way you are over the holes and bumps in the road before you know it! Jamaican taxi drivers constantly work toward their PHD’s – Pot Hole Dodgers!

Kim, Allison and Jenn taking shelter under an overhang. The “mudding” had just begun.
John and Tim determined the length of a board while Jenn looks on. By the end of the day, we were muddy from head to toe.

Enjoy the unique experiences. After a heavy rain and windstorm on one of the worksites one day, we were covered head to toe in sticky mud. Therefore, the “Muddy Americans” had to find a different way home. They can’t ride in your clean car, they must walk home through the village footpaths, down the hill and then jump into the sea to wash before coming into the clean house.  Also, if Usain Bolt ran for President of Jamaica, he would win by a landslide!! Our first Jamaican experience was eating at an outdoor porch-type restaurant in MoBay, watching the Olympics Men’s 400m relay where Jamaica won the gold and annihilated the existing world record. The place erupted, and didn’t let up from the time the race started until WELL after the race was finished.

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