Bluefields Basic School Water Project

As you can see in this post from the Bluefields Bay Friendly Fisherman’s Society, the Bluefields Basic School is close to completion and almost ready for the kids to start attending and learning good things. However, there is currently a need to install a Solar-Powered Rainwater Catchment System which will run off of solar energy. This will allow the system to be “off the grid” and also make re-use of the rainwater to flush toilets and pipe through to sink faucets.

We are utilizing the “Donate” button on the blog to start funding this project! Make your donation today, and then pass a link along to a friend! Even a small donation of $1 will help move this project towards completion! Share it far and wide so we can get these kids some running water!

The details:

Purpose: Build a water catchment system that will enable the Bluefields Basic Primary School to have running water in an eco-friendly way. Although there are natural springs in the area, it is difficult in this mountainous terrain to pipe in water to larger structures without placing a strain on the naturally available resources. The system will be solar-powered and reuse rainwater to provide running water to the school.

Fundraising Goal: $4,000 by March 9th, 2013.


  • How will my donation be used? The funds will be used to purchase materials to build the water catchment system. This includes water tanks, piping, pumping systems, solar panels, battery and converter.
  • Is my donation tax-deductible? Yes. Funds will be processed by Morris Chapel United Methodist Church, LLC, which is a registered 501c3 organization.

Thank you for your support!!

One response to “Bluefields Basic School Water Project”

  1. I hope to be there with you some day in the not too distant future. Definately on my bucket list!


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