A Laundry List…

At our last speaking engagement to share stories about Jamaica, we also read aloud this list of “things” we were able to do, donate or accomplish during the trip. As you read through this “laundry list”, think about it as people’s lives who are touched – not just “stuff” that happened.

So, for every item below, remember that AT LEAST ONE person was shown love, given hope, prayed over, etc. I estimate at least 3000 people will feel the effects of the recent work we were able to accomplish either directly or indirectly. All because of our readers’ (that’s you!!) continued prayerful and financial support, which enables us to “go forth” and show Jah’s love to people!! Awesome!!

  • VBS Day 1 – 105 children, 15 workers
  • VBS Day 2 – 120 children, 15 workers
  • Snacks and lunch for all at VBS
  • 1 suitcase of school supplies
  • 1 suitcase of VBS supplies for church
  • 1 suitcase of children’s books
  • 1 suitcase of children’s and adult clothing
  • 2 first aid kits
  • 22 Bibles
  • 2 pairs of workgloves to local farmer
  • 4 pairs of workgloves to Community Center
  • 1 basketball
  • 3 pairs of tennis shoes
  • Supported (5) artisans by purchasing their handmade carvings, jewelry, paintings, soaps and cloth goods
  • Stayed locally in a family-owned guesthouse
  • Ate locally at small establishments for lunches – Delbert’s, Robert’s, Prince’s and Omar’s
  • Employed six for a week’s work – Decieta (tour guide/chef); Mike (security); Chevie (security); Keith (driver); Veda (chef); Jen-Jen (chef);
  • Put up (7) anti-child abuse signs in the community;
  • (2) $500 university scholarships,
  • (1) $300 secondary school scholarship;
  • $600 for school needs
  • $500 for materials to finish work at Community Center

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Not listed here is the actual refurbishing work we did at the Bluefields People’s Community Association’s Community Center. More to come on that project soon! Stay tuned!

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