Leave a review for Jah Works, Inc. on Google

If you are a recipient of one of our programs (rainwater catchment systems, scholarships, etc.), or have worked alongside, volunteered, or traveled with us, we would love your feedback!

Please post a review to our Google business profile using the link below: https://g.page/jahworksinc/review?gm

6 thoughts on “Leave a review for Jah Works, Inc. on Google

  1. It was been wonderful seeing JAH WORKS grow from a need placed in the heart of a few, to witnessing the actual people’s lives who have been changed! We take our water for granted ever day, I could not imagine going a day without it.
    Thanks to all who give their time and money to provide such a basic need! I am sure you have been humbled by the experience.
    It’s a honor to give to this cause.
    Rhonda Pinnix


  2. Lives are been changed positively because of the works of JAH WORKS INC. Children are getting better educated and households have unlimited supply of water.
    Many of persons have work so they can earn money to take care of their responsibilities.
    This partnership is second to none and deserves all the support it can get so it can do more to improve the vulnerable people’s lives.
    One unconditional love everytime.


  3. I want to say a big thank you to jah works for the excellent job there are doing in Bluefields and the community surround Bluefields, as we all know water is life, and for jah works to see the drought, the need, the shortage of water in and around Bluefields, it’s just a blessing. I hope GOD continues to bless jah works so they can continue sharing that blessing, ONE LOVE.


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