Recent Blessings

Recent blessings we’ve already received, although we haven’t even left yet:

~The children in our Vacation Bible School at Morris Chapel – they will collect school supplies and a donation for the children of Jamaica throughout the week of VBS. The VBS program leaders are also donating the supplies to the team so that we may share Vacation Bible School with the children of Jamaica.

~All the random people giving us hugs/telling us they support our mission/telling us they are praying for us/slipping dollars discreetly into our hands.

~The sounds of Shield of Salvation playing at our Benefit Night! Due to unforeseen events, we only had about 2 weeks to pull it together, and we needed a live band. These guys (and gal!) really came through for us. Even though it was their first night off in a LONG while, they dropped their plans on a dime, and came out and played for 2 solid hours. These folks are great Christian musicians, love Jesus and totally ROCK and ROLL. Give ’em a listen.

One response to “Recent Blessings”

  1. Karen McGown~~~~ Building Jamaica Team Member Avatar
    Karen McGown~~~~ Building Jamaica Team Member

    Thanks to Mark and Debora Parrish for pointing us in the direction of SOS. They were an awesome band!


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