Jah Work…is Never Done

As I look back at past posts, I realize there’s a lot of “work” related posts. Fundraisers, events and more. The team’s been busy and focused on trying to fund this trip and we haven’t had much time for anything else, especially reflection. With our trip less than 90 days away, it now seems time for us to start focusing less on funding and more on God – or Jah – another word for God in Jamaica.

Myself, I’ve been busy planning, getting behind-the-scenes details together. Everything from air fare to lodging to food to insurance to passports to transportation needs settling in it’s own time. Honestly, I’ve been a little unfocused lately on faith and more on getting things done. I was starting to doubt things would come together and even have questioned God if this is what we are supposed to be doing. It seems like there’s been a lot coming our way, getting in our way, to still be able to have the ability to serve in faith like we all have been working towards.

At times like these, God’s pretty good at showing me signs that “Hey big dummy, check this out…quit yer  doubtin’ and get to believin’!” And yes, that was a Redd Foxx reference and yes, I do believe God’s got a southern Appalachian accent, because where else is it more like Heaven on Earth but in the North Carolina mountains among the frigid rivers and wild mountain laurel?

The sign I got was an email from Reverend Hilma Tate of Mearnsville Methodist Church. This is the church we’ll attend for Sunday morning worship while in Jamaica. Our friend and island-side travel coordinator, Wolde Kristos, had connected us via email as the team will need a place to hold Vacation Bible School, providing a story, song, materials and snacks for the kiddos. I also wanted to find out if we could get some help from some of the ladies of the church in managing all those little lovely children!

Rev. Tate’s simple response, and God-message was this:

“…We had discussed before hearing from you, the possibility of hosting vacation Bible School at Mearnsville this summer. Our usual source for material this year is proving to be a challenge so we would be more than happy to receive material and other help…Your correspondence with Wolde has only proven to be an answer to our problem…”

So yes, God, I see you are still working things out on your own time; and thank you for sending this message. You’re right, this IS what we are supposed to be doing.

Enjoy this little gem from musician Ben Harper – it’s one of those that keeps me going, even after a long day, or even months, of  “Jah Work”:

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