Work is NOT a four-letter word…most days.

Our team has been super busy lately dreaming up all the ways to fund-raise for this work we’ll be doing in Jamaica. Fundraising is one of those things that you either hate or love, I think. Who really wants to go begging? It’s not in most of our natures for sure. I think the things we’ve learned as a team is that it takes hard work NOW in the USA so we can go and do hard work THEN in Jamaica. I haven’t yet found it written in Scripture that it would be easy to do God’s work anyway! At any rate, it’s really cool how God is working on us already to prepare our minds and hearts through our NOW work to be stronger and more ready for our THEN work.

Check out some things we’ve been working on…

Saturday, March 17th – Barbecue Fundraiser – if you are in or near Walkertown, North Carolina, come enjoy some of the best barbeque and fixin’s around.

Saturday, May 12th – Golf Tournament – Save the Date! More info coming soon.

Building Jamaica Etsy Shop – we are just getting started, there’s lots more in the works! Favorite our shop and come back often!

One response to “Work is NOT a four-letter word…most days.”

  1. I sure wish I could go with You! Enjoy your BBQ tomorrow.



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