Spaghetti, Garlic Toast and Reggae?

What better to prepare you for time in Jamaica than serving a spaghetti dinner – right? Well, there’s a little dichotomy in that, but it’s just what we did last Saturday evening! Our host church puts on an annual Italian Night, complete with aforementioned meal and a bevy of romantic crooners to keep your ears happy while you fill your belly.

We were given the opportunity to speak for a few minutes in-between the love songs about our upcoming trip and educate folks about where we are headed and why. Most of our mission, I feel like, is making sure people know that there’s more to God’s World than the place they are in right now. We’ve been given opportunity after opportunity to speak RIGHT HERE about this special place called Jamaica. I’m not sure who is supposed to hear the message, or why, but if the Big Man Upstairs keeps putting us in front of microphones, then I suppose someone is supposed to hear about this work He wants us to do. 🙂

To give you a bit of a good chuckle, here’s one of our teammates, Derrick, in the kitchen keeping clean while washing dishes from the meal. You can tell I really love his fashionable attire, yes folks, that’s the real name-brand deal – Hefty – not the fake stuff.

There’s nothing better than to serve, and clean up after a meal, side by side with the people that you love!

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