News from Jamaica and Upcoming Events

View from a Road
View from a Jamaican Road of Cane Fields

So I just GOT A CALL FROM JAMAICA TODAY! We have been playing phone tag with our host, Wolde Kristos back and forth and it was SO nice to speak to him directly. Makes me want to go hop on a plane tomorrow! He called to let me know that one of the ladies on our list of folks to help with housing repair was asking him if we are still coming and that she is excited that we will be there soon. (Yes – even 5-6 months in Jamaica is “soon come”!) It’s amazing to realize that we are already beginning to be welcomed into the community of Bluefields and people are anticipating our presence.

Also, do mark your calendars for some of these upcoming fundraising events:

February 25 – 4:30-7:00PM: Italian Night – a delicious spaghetti dinner complete with classic romantic song performances and yummy desserts! @ Morris Chapel UMC, 2715 Darrow Rd., Walkertown, NC 27051

March 17 – Time TBD: 32nd Annual BBQ –
pick up a plate of slow-cooked BBQ, homemade slaw and potato salad that’s been a tradition for as long as I’ve been a-livin’ @ Morris Chapel UMC, 2715 Darrow Rd., Walkertown, NC 27051

May 12 – Time TBD: Golf Tournament
in Kernersville, NC.

~One Love and Blessings~

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