Ms. Hughes Graduates!!

One of our strategies is to “Build Knowledge.” For a number of years we have has been able to provide scholarship opportunities for University students in Jamaica, through the Rebecca Campbell Foundation/Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA).   A few weeks ago, we received word from the BPCA that a recipient of a past scholarship has completed her nursing degree! Ms. Tamekia Hughes graduated from the nursing program at the local university just a few weeks ago. Congratulations to Ms. Hughes; we are celebrating with you!

Platfarm Party

A note from Wolde Kristos of the BPCA:

Dear Partner,
Please see below thank you note from Ms. Tamekia Hughes after she graduated from University of the West Indies on November 1, 2013. Please see pictures attached. Ms. Hughes did her Nursing Council License exam and awaiting the result to start a practice. Ms. Hughes is the latest in the list of persons BPCA/Bluefields have sent to University. Thanks to Megan, TJ and the Team for your support in helping her through!!!

Ms. Hughes Marching

Tamekia writes:
I finally made it! Made it through all the struggles, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and a couple failures that cause me to go back to the drawing board and fix all I needed to and came back to conquer. Through it all ma mommy (Wolette Kristos) never gave up on me and made sacrifices to help me reach ma fullest potential. Wolde Kristos did his fatherly duties (although not my biological dad) to make sure I had all I needed no matter what. Also, Mr. William Wedenoja who was with me from start to finish. Cassie Gopaul was always a source of motivation and encouragement and I love her for that! And ma baby, Nigel Williams, who kept me strong at times when I felt I couldn’t make it, he’s the shoulder I can cry on and my source of happiness. Also the Rebecca Campbell Foundation for their tremendous assistance that did go a far way. And to all ma family and friends who knew I could do it, Thank you all for believing in me!

On the platfarm

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