Things we Know

We met as a team this past Saturday, for the first time since our initial interest meeting last September. The main purpose was to get a good game plan in place for the next 6+ months we have until arrival in Bluefields, since there’s tons of work to do before that time.  For a moment before we started to get into all the tactical details of fundraisers, packing and communications, we spent some time learning a bit more about each other and why we feel called to serve in Jamaica. Some of the team have been on past mission trips with the team, and some are total newbies to the whole “mission-work” thing. So cool. We recounted times we had spent working with others in various capacities – telling stories of “God-moments”, things that were inexplicable, stories of found love and faith-sharing between people from different cultures, backgrounds and races. It was awesome to see how the Light truly shone through all of our teammates. What a great blessing as we start this New Year together.

Things we know:

  • God’s with us always.
  • It’s been easier to see God at work when we had less resources and therefore less distractions.
  • We all have trouble with trusting His path for us, but try to have faith it will all come together in the end.
  • We love people. We get aggravated with people sometimes, but we love them.
  • You gotta have a sense of humor in this life.
  • We will have to pack extra tissue on the trip, because one teammate has, in her words, “crying incontinence” and this is easily spread through the rest of the teammates.
  • We are counting down the days until we can be on Jamaican soil once again (or for the very first time!).
  • There are always unknowns!

Be Blessed, thanks for following along on the journey!

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