GoFundMe Shout-Outs!

Thank you to these fine folks for participating in our GoFundMe campaign!! As you can see, support comes from everywhere. We appreciate you all!

  • Joshua Stein, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Anonymous
  • Jennifer & Jody Grigg, Germanton, North Carolina, USA
  • The Ford Family, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
  • Ashley Lewis and Milton Gasson, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
  • Dwayne & Chelsea Chin, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Anonymous

If you haven’t yet participated in our campaign, there’s still time! Visit the GoFundMe campaign page or simply donate through Paypal via the blog.

One response to “GoFundMe Shout-Outs!”

  1. John ford sr st Elizabeth Jamaica 7th grand farther or 6. But im rius ford my grand farther is Roosevelt ford from sumter south carolina our family found there way over here due to one brother getting shipped for slavery


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