Don’t Worry, About a Thing!

These are some thoughts from a past traveler as we neared the time we were leaving for the 2012 mission trip. It’s always at about this mark that worry starts to creep in for all of us as we try to wrap up all the little details to get us off the ground and to Jamaica. Read these words, and remember that Jah is in control, in all areas of your life. He’s got “it” so you don’t have to!
Bluefields Bay
Bluefields Bay
“I knew I belonged on this particular trip when the first team was sharing their experiences with the church. I was new to this church, but somehow I knew that I would be going along on the next mission trip. I told my husband that day, “I’ll be going with them the next time they go.” When I attended my first meeting and learned about the financial contributions I was very worried. Financing would be the only thing to prevent me from going along. The team leaders encouraged me not to let that stop me, so I committed whole-heartedly.
The first couple of financial commitment dates rolled around and miraculously my totals were always met through fundraising and donation letters. The totals were always met a little early so I never had to even worry about it. But that wasn’t the case as the last few deadlines approached. The worry set in. This is where I experienced God.
Every single time that I had a “worry-day” I would hear the same song multiple times each day and in different settings. The first day it happened, I woke up with an unusual amount of stress. I decided the best way to deal with my stress was to put my iPod on shuffle and clean my house. When your iPod is on shuffle you’re not supposed to hear the same song twice. Well, I didn’t hear the same song twice – I heard it 3 times within 1 hour! And before you start to wonder… I only have it downloaded one time.
What is the song? ‘3 Little Birds’ by Bob Marley.
Of course it had to be a Jamaican song, what other kind would be so meaningful for a Jamaican mission trip? The lyric that sticks out to me is, “Don’t worry about a thing. Cause every little thing gonna be alright.” Once I was tired of cleaning I turned on the TV so my son could watch cartoons. Naturally, the song is also playing on TV. Later that afternoon I took my son to the library to see a balloon artist. Half way through her presentation guess what song she started to play? You guessed it – ‘3 Little Birds’.
From that day on, any day that I became stressed over my financial commitment I would hear this song.
Then last week I know my total due going into our last fundraiser and I know that it is due the next day. Stressed doesn’t really define my feelings because I had no idea where I would get my balance from if we didn’t raise it. But I kept reminding myself that I didn’t hear that song so many times for no reason, so I just let me faith take over. I stopped worrying about where the money would come from.
We didn’t reach our goal that night and as soon as I learned that the worry started to creep back in. That is when I got the email from one of the team leaders saying someone had anonymously taken care of my balance. I’m still speechless about how this makes me feel. I’m just overwhelmed! And grateful! I knew God wanted me to know not to worry – that it would all be alright….and it is. Not only did one person answer God’s call to make sure I was taken care of, but others did as well. In turn, I was able to pay it forward. That made me feel amazing!

It’s awesome so see and feel God at work! I’m anxious to see what God-experiences I have while on our mission trip. I know we are going to have some!”

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