The Sabbath

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! The morning began with us gathered around the table to finish breakfast and wait for the time to begin the short walk to church.

As we started our stroll, taxis pulled over to let parishioners out at the front door to their churches and the sea reached far and endless to our right. We were on our way to Belmont Missionary Church, within the community of Belmont, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

We turned up a road that may have been paved at one time but now was mostly dirt. Winding up the hill, passing a few old and faded shop fronts we were immersed in this little neighborhood.

“Good morning! How are you this morning?” from the woman and young girls in the house on the left. We confirmed we were heading the right direction and “yah mon, jus round de bend…” came the response. Continuing we came up on the church and were immediately and warmly greeted by Michelle and Carol, two of the women of the church.

To be continued…

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