Eight Rainwater Catchments in Belmont

Earlier this year, we started accepting applications for assistance, to understand just how much need was out there, and help us have a better way to plan to meet these needs.

We also started working with Project Re3, a movement of people who work to ‘Re’store, ‘Re’build and ‘Re’novate to make communities livable again, who sent a group to travel with us for the first time in mid-May. When we asked them how much they wanted to work, they said “bring it on”, so we set the bar high and planned to complete eight rainwater catchment systems.

If you’ve been to Jamaica, you know it’s hot. And when you aren’t beach-side with a cool, tropical drink in your hand or chillin’ in the clear blue sea – it can be unbearably so. But, the team from Project Re3 stepped up to the challenge and finished off all eight systems in just four days – and still had plenty of time to enjoy the beach and the sea, connect with the people of Bluefields, and add a trip to YS Falls and Bamboo Avenue into the mix too!

Filtered rainwater catchment systems were installed for the following families:

  • A senior citizen, 75, retired, and blind, living with his caretaker.
  • A single mom, 42, currently unemployed, living with her three children ages 17, 12, and 9.
  • A senior citizen, 72, living with her child, 50, and her grandchildren ages 17 and 6.
  • Another single mom, 42, currently unemployed, with her three children ages 14, 10 and 5.
  • A domestic helper, age 49, living with her children and grandchildren, ages 21, 18, 13, 12, 11, and 2.
  • An unemployed farmer, 40, who was injured in an accident an currently unable to work, living with his wife and 7 year old child.
  • A senior citizen, 85, who we installed a septic system and bathroom for in October 2017, and who needed water and a pump to complete that project. She lives with her daughter and grandchild, and the bathroom is also used by many in the same “yard” within the Mount Airy community.
  • Two senior citizens, 77 and 67, whose son lives nearby and can also utilize the water access.

With this work complete, we’ve started to make a small dent in the applications for assistance that we’ve received. To find out how you can partner with us to complete more projects we have on the horizon, check out how you can Give Back.

Project Funding Total: $4,560 USD

  • Eight rainwater catchment systems – all gutters, tanks, concrete pads, filters, etc.
  • Employed four people to provide specialized construction site prep.
  • Employed logistics and travel support, provided by RAJ Tours, Jamaica.
  • Additional assistance provided by volunteers from the Bluefields Community, RAJ Tours, ProjectRe3, and Jah Works, Inc.

Project Locations:
Belmont and Mount Airy Districts, Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jamaica

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