Just a Drop in the Bucket.

Earlier this year, we started accepting applications for assistance, in an effort to understand just how much need was out there, and help us have a better way to plan to meet these needs.

Within a short time, we received applications from people across the Bluefields, Jamaica area, with various needs brought to our attention – from rainwater catchment, to home and road repairs.

Here are a few excerpts from the applications we received:

“I need a water catchment because water is a scarce commodity for me.” ~Shopkeeper, age 49

“A water tank is needed to store water for my chickens.”
~ Poultry farmer, age 52

“Water is life. Please, I’m badly in need, and can’t afford to buy a tank
right now. Please and thank you.”
~Farmer, age 54

While there were 56 applications that initially were submitted, we expect more. And those we’ve already received represent over 250 people who’s lives can be impacted positively through our partnership with the Bluefields community.

Read more about how we’ve already provided clean water to eight of our applicants.

To find out how you can partner with us to meet these needs, visit our Give Back page for a link to make a donation that is comfortable for you.


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