Delivering Healthy Food to Vulnerable People During the Pandemic

Last month, Mr. Keith Wedderburn, proprietor of Bluefields Organic Fruit Farm, contacted us with an idea to supply the most vulnerable in his community with a donated box of healthy food. The need is growing, as costs are skyrocketing across Jamaica, due to the pandemic. He envisioned the food boxes to include fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs and bread, and be delivered to those in need.

Within just the first month, and with the help of a handful of donors, THREE BOXES of healthy food were delivered by Mr. Wedderburn to elderly women (ages 73-93), who were very appreciative of the gift of food in their time of need.

We are still at it and will MATCH YOUR DONATION, up to $100/month in November and December 2020 for this project! Just $50 provides a Healthy Food box to someone in need. We’ll combine all donations, so give as much as you feel comfortable, or split one with a friend!

Donate today to give the gift of healthy food to people who need it most!

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