Pitch in to Fund the Farm and Feed the People

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People everywhere are suffering due to the impacts of the coronavirus. In Jamaica particularly, food prices are soaring, along with unemployment!

Our friends at the Bluefields Organic Fruit Farm & Tours saw this need, and launched a unique sponsorship program to provide healthy food to senior citizens, single mothers, and the physically challenged in Bluefields.

Just $50 USD provides fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs and bread for the recipients of the Healthy Food box. We’ll combine all donations, so give as much as you feel comfortable – no need to fund a whole box!

Make your online donation via PayPal here*, and send us a note that your donation is for the “Fund the Farm, Feed the People” program. Learn more about this Healthy Food box program through Keith’s words below. *In Jamaica? You can sponsor a box by contacting Keith directly via his listed numbers:

A bit about the Farm: Keith Wedderburn, proprietor, has planted and organically grown a mix of over 30 different fruits and vegetables on two acres of land in Bluefields, Jamaica since 2013. He even has sheep! It’s one of our favorite tours when visiting Bluefields, and trust us when we say you will never find a better tasting honey banana!

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One response to “Pitch in to Fund the Farm and Feed the People”

  1. I’m so glad I saw this post. This is a good way to give back to people in your homeland. Thanks for sharing this info on helping others.


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