Partnerships in a Sustainable Community

We all have individual skills and talents that can be honed and crafted to become “expert” in our fields. We can take personality tests to understand our strong suits, and quizzes to understand what our choice in career should be.

But, we should also remember that none of us can do everything on our own. By nature, humans are communal and we need each other to fill in the gaps where we falter or haven’t yet built up skills. Plus, allowing diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences into your community can make some unique ideas take flight!

The Jah Works, Inc. vision thrives when we partner with others who have a similar mindset geared towards a more sustainable community model. We couldn’t do this important work without having, by our side, a number of people who also believe in our mission.

So, today we’re sending a special “big up” to our field partners in Jamaica, who provide on-the-ground intelligence and cultural expertise, to our logistics partners at Reliable Adventures Jamaica who host our intrepid travelers looking for an authentic, immersive experience, and to our rainwater catchment expert partners at RainHarvest Systems! More of our partners can be found on our Sustaining Partners page.

Who do you partner with to make your vision thrive? What types of skills do they have that you don’t? Why do you enjoy having them as a partner?

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