Where Do Your Donations Go?

Ever wonder where your dollar ends up when you donate to a nonprofit organization? When you give through Jah Works, your dollar will benefit many by providing better access to clean water, healthy food, relevant education and/or equitable jobs. Top uses of donated funds are:

Rainwater Harvesting Systems: From the purchase of filters and materials used in our systems, to maintaining and upgrading systems we’ve installed in the past, your dollars are used to build them, piece by piece, to bring people clean water at their doorstep. Plus, equitable jobs are created by hiring our community partners and resident experts to construct and maintain the systems.

Bluefields Basic School: Your donations help cover the school’s operational expenses, ensuring that the youngest members of the Bluefields community continue to have access to relevant education. This has become especially important, in a time of remote learning and the infrastructure challenges that come with it.

Farm to Table Food Relief: Our partnership with the Bluefields Organic Farm has led to a unique program where boxes of healthy food filled with produce from multiple farmers, are provided to those in need, in this time of crisis. In addition, equitable jobs are created as farmers are paid for harvests at a time when demand is low, due to the lack of tourism stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Help us keep these programs going, by making your donation today! Many donors have extended their impact by donating monthly, and the average donation is just $35.

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