Our Partners Lead the Way in Community Sustainability, Pt. 1

From the start, we knew we wanted a community-led approach to how we operate, one where we listen to the needs of that community, and then work in tandem to create solutions to meet those needs.

Over the past decade, we’ve intentionally built strong relationships with our partners in Bluefields, Jamaica, and in our own communities in the U.S. We continue to be awed by the work they and others are already doing to create more sustainable communities.

Over the next few weeks, we’re highlighting those who have had a large part in what Jah Works looks like today, starting with Wolde Kristos.

We met Wolde in 2003 on our first trip to rural Bluefields, Jamaica. He was already involved in community development and was just starting out as an entrepreneur in the tourism industry. He was so passionate then about creating a sustainable community in Bluefields, that we were hooked.

Today, he is Chairman of the Bluefields People’s Community Association, works tirelessly with other organizations within Bluefields, and owns and operates Reliable Adventures Jamaica, a tourism company providing employment to others in Bluefields.

A partnership forming…a 2009 stopover in Bluefields to donate medical supplies.

It was Wolde, in fact, who brought the idea of installing rainwater catchment systems to us, and introduced us to one of the filter types we still use today. Without him, we wouldn’t have such a focus on clean water and so many people in Bluefields would still lack access to this precious resource today.

Having some fun on a rainwater catchment installation site.

We asked Wolde what people should know about him; his words are below, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you, Wolde, for your continued partnership, and for helping make the Bluefields community, and Jah Works, what it is today!

My life is about making other people’s life better. I came on this earth to make people’s life better and I only get full satisfaction from doing so. My happiest moment in this life is when I solve a problem for someone who was in need. JAH put me here to care for the needy and to avoid the greedy. One unconditional love.

Wolde Kristos, Bluefields Westmoreland Jamaica

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