S2 Ep 6 – Jah Works in Mysterious Ways

Cofounder Megan Smoot sits down with Stephen George, host of the Sound of Southern Charm podcast. Listen in to hear how Jah Works got it’s name, why it all started in the first place, and more.

“Her honeymoon turned into a service opportunity that’s spanned decades. Hear how Megan Smoot and her husband bring the basic necessities to those who need it most, and how her career prepared her to get their non-profit off the ground.”

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2 responses to “S2 Ep 6 – Jah Works in Mysterious Ways”

  1. Excellent interview Megan. It takes me back to some fun memories. Up! Up! Up! Jah Works everytime.


  2. Jah Works Experience in providing clean water catchment systems for the people of Bluefields is commendable.

    After 10 years of coming to Bluefields l cofounded 1love-1world.org to offer Food for Life programs to prevent diabetes in families, mothers and children.

    In 2919 Head Goat Randy Step of Running Fit Events proposed a inaugural Festival of Runs. Our goal is to get families and youth out the door for a family walk, 100 and 200 meter event for girls and boys.

    Covid caused us to postpone the Jammin’ Run event until Feb. 2022.
    Our objective now is to help restart tourism in Bluefields working with Wolde, the Bluefields Fishers Friendly Society, and the Peter Tosh Foundation.

    We believe in sustainable programs to prevent diabetes by offering annual Festival events can create jobs for fishermen, organic farmers, artists, musicians and communities

    Covid shut us down. We would like to explore partnering with Jah Works Experience in 2021 to help restart tourism in Bluefields

    Chef John, diabetes coach, running event volunteer and friend of Bluefields


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