New! This is My Jamaica.

Announcing a new series, where stories of daily life in rural Jamaica are shared by those experiencing it.

The inaugural story comes to us from Mr. Keith Wedderburn, proprietor of Bluefields Organic Farm and Tours, and resident of Bluefields, Jamaica.

Mr. Keith Wedderburn, left, teaches the youth about organic farming at Bluefields Organic Farm and Tours.

The road winding along the coast and through the town of Bluefields is well traveled and is the main thoroughfare connecting coastal towns in the southwest part of Jamaica.

There has been quite the issue with the speed of traffic through this area, and the road is shared by pedestrians, motorcycles, vehicles and animals alike. Read on to learn more about a recent incident on this dangerous stretch of road – and a positive outcome.


Belmont, Bluefields – Jeffery Murray, a Canadian national led a peaceful road march from his wheelchair, in support of safer road usage in the Bluefields Bay area, Tuesday April, 20, beginning at 9:00am.

Bush Tea, as he is affectionately called, is convinced that he is an unfortunate hit and run accident victim. At the time of his accident he was a resident of Belmont. He was hit from his motorcycle in the said community and sustained multiple fractures. The Savannalamar hospital was where he was taken for treatment.

According to Bush Tea, “I was was admitted for months before surgeries were eventually done.” This he attributed to the added demands on the hospital during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He further stated, “The main aim of the march is to bring greater awareness to the need for motorists to slow down, observe the 50km per hour limit for that said section of the roadway, thus minimize damages, injuries and deaths.”

As he planned the event, he hoped that residents of the area would provide much needed support. He anticipated seeing persons along the roadway displaying relevant banners/signs and who would be willing to prelude a petition for the relevant authorities, to act accordingly.

In closing, he believes that if the above-mentioned targets are met, not only would he be greatly appreciated but he would consider that his suffering, pains and disappointments happened for a worthy cause.

Thank you, Keith, for sharing this story and “Big Up” to Bush Tea for turning a bad situation into one that raises awareness. May you heal completely, and quickly! One love!

What else would you like to know about life in Jamaica? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this new series and what you’d like to learn more about living in rural Jamaica.

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