This is My Jamaica: S1E2

WELCOME BACK TO OUR new series, where stories of daily life in rural Jamaica are shared by those experiencing it.

A special thanks to Mr. Keith Wedderburn, proprietor of Bluefields Organic Farm and Tours, and resident of Bluefields, Jamaica for providing this update on young Kelon.

In full disclosure, Kelon is Keith’s son, and Jah Works supported Kelon with a higher education scholarship, based on his educational merit and community volunteerism.


Belmont, Bluefields – Meet Kelon Wedderburn, a son of the soil and one of the youngsters determined to make a difference.

He is a product of Savannalamar Infant & Primary School, the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA)’s Computer Project, Munro College and now, the University of Technology Jamaica.

(l-r) Kendra, Kelon and Keith Wedderburn, circa 2007, walking to school

As he grew up, Kelon was very active in the Bluefields community and volunteered in many ways throughout the years, including beautification projects like road and beach clean-ups, and tutoring other students.

Speaking about the shoulders on which he stands, Kelon says,

“I really appreciate the help that others have given me, as it has been crucial in getting me this far. Keep up the good work, you’re truly touching lives.”

The latest update is that, he has now attained four certifications in the field of Cyber Security, and has been working remotely as a Cyber Security Analyst as of April 1st, this year.

Kelon Wedderburn, today

Kelon, congratulations on your success to date, and we are wishing you a brilliant future! Thank you, Keith, for sharing this story!

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