What does a Jah-Works-hosted trip to Jamaica look like? Depending on the length, the itinerary would be something like this: the first day would be a travel and welcome day (with orientation that evening over an authentic Jamaican dinner), followed by work on the selected service project, getting immersed in the culture, meeting folks, touring the countryside, with the last day dedicated to traveling home. Other activities could include meeting up with local artisans, checking out the Peter Tosh Memorial, glass bottom boat tours, Mayfield Falls, and attending local events (beach karaoke, anyone?).

Do I have to work when I travel? NO! If you want a totally relaxing time, without lifting a finger, we’ve got that option too. We even take a full rest now and then, and believe in the power of full rejuvenation! Know that by spending your tourism dollars through Jah Works, you are supporting local small business owners within our trusted network, who sometimes miss out because of the draw of the larger resorts. Contact us today so we can help you plan your perfect Jamaican vacation!

How much is a rainwater catchment system? Each home’s needs are different, but on average, a full, filtered system costs around $800. This includes a 650-gallon tank, all piping and guttering, a poured-in-place concrete footer, filtering, and local site foreman wages. We source the filters from the U.S., and the other materials we purchase on-island at locally-owned small businesses. If you’d like to help us fund rainwater catchment systems, visit our Give Back page to donate.

How much does it cost to travel?* This varies widely, depending on length of stay, lodging preferences, activities, type of trip, and more. Typically, a 7-day, 6-night stay starts at around $599 per person, which includes simple lodging with A/C, private or semi-private bathrooms, plus kitchen facilities, an authentic Jamaican dinner prepared each evening, and all transportation in Jamaica. Please contact us so we can learn more about how you want to travel, to get a customized quote, and to start planning your trip today!

Can you accommodate for private group or solo travel? Yes. We provide small and large groups of travelers with an excellent experience and can customize the trip to you and/or your group’s needs. Please contact us so we can start the conversation.

What if I’ve never traveled internationally/built anything/participated in humanitarian aid or service opportunities? As they say in Jamaica, “no problem”! If it is on your heart to serve people, then it is the right thing to do; don’t let your head stop you. There are many ways to lend your own talents and gifts to the team, apart from the projects we take on. You will also have the opportunity to grow in your gifts and talents while on the ground. Many of our past team members have had no construction experience or are brand new to these types of trips.

Do I need a passport? Yes, all travelers need a valid passport book. Information on cost and process can be found on the US Department of State website.

What ages can participate? People ages 18 and up can travel with Jah Works, Inc.

Have more questions? Ask us here.

*Pricing subject to change, pending fluctuations in fuel, food, number of travelers in a group, selected projects, and more. Each trip is customized to traveler preferences, and will have it’s own cost breakdown explaining exactly what is or is not included in the cost of trip. Travelers who want to include a “give back” element in their trip can choose to fund their selected project by either adding it into their cost-per-person, or by hosting fundraising functions in advance (or a mix of the two). 

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