Program: Relevant Education

Education provides those who receive it a path to independence and self-sustainability. From early education at the pre-school level to higher education at a University, to learning various life skills and gaining knowledge, participating in learning widens opportunities for those inside, and outside of, the classroom.

In Jamaica, formal education starts at age 3, in community-operated Basic Schools which are regulated and supervised (but not funded) by the Jamaican government. The curriculum in Basic Schools includes instruction in reading, writing, basic counting, personal hygiene and safety, art, music and science. Basic Schools also serve as a setting at which students can hone their cooperativeness, learn to socialize with others, and follow directions, providing the strong foundation for their primary education in years to come.

Once they reach age 6, children attend government-funded Primary Schools, moving on to High Schools once they reach their teenage years, with testing completed along the way to assess the children’s proficiency in various subjects. Higher learning is offered at The University of the West Indies Jamaica, through various specialty trade schools, and at the HEART Trust, which offers technical vocational education.

Schools located within Bluefields area are the Bluefields Basic School (Preschool) and the Belmont Academy (High School). Adult education is just as important, and multiple classes and workshops are held at the Bluefields Community Center on various topics throughout the year.

Our Relevant Education program is focused on supporting students and teachers at the Bluefields Basic School, offering merit-based scholarships for higher learning, and funding workshop needs for adults to gain knowledge in entrepreneurship and other job skills.

become a part of this important work by donating to support educational opportunities for those of all ages.

Relevant Education Program Stats, 2013-2019

  • Direct Funding to the Bluefields Basic School: NEW in 2020! Stats coming soon.
  • Higher Learning Scholarships: Four provided
    • To a young woman to attend Cosmetology School, who has since graduated and is working as a licensed cosmetologist.
    • To a young woman to attend Nursing school, who has since graduated and is working as a licensed nurse.
    • To two young women to attend general courses at University.
  • Other Projects:
    • Bluefields Community Center Renovations
    • Belmont Square Mangrove Boardwalk
    • School Supply Donations to the Bluefields Basic School


Interior of the Bluefields Basic School

Bluefields Basic School

The Bluefields Basic School provides early education to the youngest community members, and is moving towards being self-sustainable with the addition of rainwater catchment, solar power, and more.

Belmont Square Mangrove Boardwalk

The new boardwalk is used to host people of all ages to learn about the importance of the mangroves to the ecosystem, and why it’s important to care for and protect the environment.

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