Bluefields Basic School

Location: Bluefields Basic Community School, Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jamaica

The Bluefields Basic School opened the doors of it’s new building in the fall of 2014, providing children ages 3-5 with an early educational foundation, teaching colors, reading, math, science and more. This integral part of the community also provides lunch each day for the children, and employs teachers, teacher’s aides, a principal and kitchen staff.

The dream when building the new structure was to be off the grid, so we teamed up with the community to install a rainwater catchment system here in 2014. This allowed for a more sustainable and effective way to have indoor plumbing for toilets and sinks, a true luxury for a school in rural Jamaica.

Next, in 2019, we partnered with RainHarvest Systems out of Atlanta, Georgia (USA), to install a UV filtration system to ensure potable water for drinking was available to students and teachers. The school now depends even less on having to pay for water trucks to deliver potable water for drinking and cooking.

Now, in 2020, we’re accepting monetary donations from those who wish to strengthen the Bluefields Basic School’s mission to provide a quality, early-childhood educational foundation to the youngest of the Bluefields community members.

Donate today, to be a part of future sustainable community development projects.

BECOME A PART OF THIS IMPORTANT WORK BY DONATING to sustain the Basic school’s mission that every child has a solid educational foundation.

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