Sandra’s House

August 2012 – Sandra, a single mom, and her three boys lived here, although many times one or two of the boys would stay with relatives due to the condition of the home. When we arrived, there were many rotten boards around the entire house, and looking underneath, we discovered 4 of the 6 floor joists were rotten too.

For this project, we replaced all the boards and joists needing to be replaced, which was about 50% of the entire home. We also primed and painted the entire structure.

The most memorable moment was having a lot of the furniture and other things moved outside of the house so we could work, and a tropical depression came up, which had us all working quickly to cover it all up with a tarp, and then proceed to hold that tarp up while the storm blew over.

The gallery below shows the progress and teamwork it took to get this house refurbished, so Sandra and her boys could have a more solid place to call “home”.

To partner with us on projects such as these, check out how you can Give Back.

Location: Upstreet Community, Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jamaica

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