Rainwater Catchment Installation #45 – Woolery Residence

Belmont, Bluefields, Westmoreland, Jamaica

This project benefited a single woman, along with her daughter and grandchild who were also living in the home. She works as a cleaner, and it is difficult to find the funds to purchase clean water for the household.

This is the first project that we’ve not been in Jamaica to take part in, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the past, we’ve completed at least the initial assessment and materials order prior to leaving the island, so this was a brand new way of figuring out how to get these projects to completion.

Of course, our amazing Jamaican partners carried on and got the work done (no surprise there!), by installing a 650 gallon rainwater catchment system at the house. And, with hurricane season upon us, this tank was full shortly after it was installed!

Did you know? It’s easy to give the gift of clean water! Click here to learn about how to start your monthly “give back” subscription, or how to make a one-time donation.

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2 responses to “Rainwater Catchment Installation #45 – Woolery Residence”

  1. You are all amazing human being. The way you take out of your time to help and educate others. Peace and Blessings! #onelove


    1. One love and one heart!


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