We are enabling better access to clean water, healthy food, relevant education and equitable job opportunities – in sustainable ways.

Sandra’s House

August 2012 – Sandra, a single mom, and her three boys lived here, although many times one or two of the boys would stay with relatives due… Read more “Sandra’s House”

Bluefields Basic School

The basic school, opened in the fall of 2014, serves children age 3-5 within Bluefields. Jah Works partnered with the community to install a rainwater catchment system at the school.

Mt. Airy Septic

October 2017 – Mrs. Myrtella Lawson, aka Ms. Myrty, is happy because after 85 years of living in the same place, she now has a bathroom with… Read more “Mt. Airy Septic”

Bluefields Boardwalk

April 2017 – Within the center of Bluefields is the Community Center, which under the watchful eye of the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA), has become a… Read more “Bluefields Boardwalk”

Belmont Rainwater Catchment Systems

May 2018 – When you aren’t beach-side with a cool, tropical drink in your hand in Jamaica, it can be unbearably hot. Read on about how the Project Re3 team stepped up to the challenge to ensure that eight families had access to clean water…

Giving Back in the Piedmont Triad

Summer 2018 – At the beginning of the year, our leadership team decided to make more effort to connect with those in our hometown that are already giving… Read more “Giving Back in the Piedmont Triad”