Enjoy this virtual tour of projects completed by donors like you!

Rainwater Catchment Installation #45 – Woolery Residence

This project benefited a single woman, along with her daughter and grandchild who were also living in the home.

Eight Rainwater Catchment Systems

When you aren’t beach-side with a cool, tropical drink in your hand in Jamaica, it can be unbearably hot. Read on about how the Project Re3 team stepped up to the challenge to ensure that eight families had access to clean water…

Mangrove Educational Boardwalk

The new boardwalk is used to host people of all ages to learn about the importance of the mangroves to the ecosystem, and why it’s important to care for and protect the environment.

Mt. Airy Septic and Indoor Bathroom

After 85 years of living in the same place, the elderly homeowner finally has an indoor bathroom, complete with a toilet, shower and sink. Prior to this new construction, she used a pit toilet outhouse, which was also utilized by many in the community.

Interior of the Bluefields Basic School

Bluefields Basic School

The Bluefields Basic School provides early education to the youngest community members, and is moving towards being self-sustainable with the addition of rainwater catchment, solar power, and more.

Upstreet Home Renovation

When we arrived, there were many rotten boards around the entire house, and looking underneath, we discovered most of the floor joists were rotten too.

Rainwater Catchment Installation #6

Sometimes catching rainwater means you have to repair a roof first. Read on to see how the team tackled this extensive project.

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